Tuesday 19 February 2013

Preston University a degree mill/scam/mill

Surely there is none better phase of life than university life. University life presents students with various opportunities, activities and challenges to meet. All these activities are prodigious source of building character of students and transforming them from students into confident professionals. It is the reason why universities are considered as the building stone of individuals and nations.
With such an integral role to play in the development of individuals and nations, there is a cretin criterion and standard that universities have to meet in order to fulfill their responsibilities towards the development and betterment of students. Universities are therefore ranked by higher educational commission in terms of the facilities provided by them to students. The criteria of ranking not only depends upon the quality of education, rather it also depends upon the extra-curricular and healthy activities and competitions provided by universities.
Preston University is ranked in the highest category by Higher education commission that shows the standard and integrity of the institute. There are people calling Preston University a degree mill; however these empty slogans of Preston University a degree mill have failed to provide any basis for their allegations. Preston University is an institute with unlimited opportunities for students. From the highest standard of education to most expert faculty and from best learning environment to prodigious extra-curricular activities Preston University a degree mill is surely one heck of an institute transforming lives of students. Preston University a degree mill is also credited for providing intellectual studies to students endorsing them with confidence so as to ensure their success in professional life. Keeping in sight the standard of the institute, Preston University a degree mill propaganda was self rejected by students and educational critics. Even a lame man with little education would understand that an institute with so much following and presence can’t be said as Preston University a degree mill.
There are numerous reviews by educational critics condemning Preston University a degree mill allegation and stressing on the standard of institute and its unprecedented role played in edifying masses of the country.